PARTY EXIT 1420 is an unique entertainment

A common escape game works like you will be closed in a room and you will have to solve the knowledge or logic tasks that will help you get out.

It’s completely different by Party Exit 1420. The basic goal is to have fun with your friends all the time you are with us. That’s why our escape game is called Party Exit 1420. It’s simply a party escape with the theme of 1420, when one of the most important battles took place in Czech history.

The game takes three hours. During it, teams are created to help each other or to harm each other. Because while one team is inside the escape, the other is in the game-master role. The whole game watches on the screen and gives the other tricky and fun tasks. And here all the fun does not end, but it just starts.


Beer or wine?

Party Exit 1420 is an absolutely unique game that will make you unbelievably entertained. It is based on fun, which is forever connected to great drinks. Here you will find a great and unique beer, without pasteurization, without additives, from a small family brewery what is founded in a monastery from 13th century.

We also offer you the option to exchange beer for wine, which will appeal primarily to the ladies team, but also to the lovers of this wonderful drink. Our suppliers are therefore the best Czech and Moravian winemakers and wine, especially the pride.