How will the game take place?

Party Exit is a complete novelty that you just have to try out. Just book the most suitable term anytime, from 10 to 22 hours, seven days a week. The game itself takes three hours.

In the beginning you create your own teams and share who will be the first to perform the tasks and who will manage the game. This turns around during the day, so the management team must consider how they choose the strategy and whether they will complain to the game team. The game is always original.

During the game, funny situations arise from performing tasks that can be tricky but fun and skillful.

The team that controls the game, sees what is happening inside, has a large projection of cameras located directly in the game rooms.

Meanwhile, we will serve the game team and the command team of cool chilled draft beer or amazing Czech and Moravian wines, according to your choice and unlimited to your taste.

Upon prior agreement, it is possible to extend the game. At the same time, you can extend our services by providing a beautiful waitress, soft drinks, a buffet or a toast.