Beer bike or Party Exit 1420?

Beer Bike is one of the most popular amusement in Prague. We know Beer Bike, we have been doing it for a while, and we know his problems, advantage and disadvantage. We thought about it and created a completely original concept of entertainment that meets your needs and addresses the negative aspects of Beer Bike.

What’s the difference between Party Exit 1420 and Beer Bike?

Beer Bike is, for example, weather dependent. If it rains or it will be cold, you’ll be comfortable with us. Party Exit 1420 is a private enclosure just for you, for anyone else. No one will disturb you, no annoying passersby or bad weather.

Comparing benefits and disadvantages

Beer BikeParty Exit 1420
Privacy– –+ +
Capacity++ +
Fines– –+ +
Uniqueness++ +
Fun++ +
Certainty++ +
Bad weather– –+ +
Safety+ +
Background– –+ +
Great beer+ ++ +
Great wine++ +
Refreshment++ +
Toilets+ +
Individualization– –+ +
Prague sightseeing+– –
Accessibility from the center+ ++ +

You will not find anything like this

Party Exit 1420 is just a place for your entertainment where there is no one else just you and the staff of the game and the bar. No matter if you are only 4 or more than twenty. Party Exit 1420 unique project and we dare say that the only one in the Czech Republic, Europe and perhaps all over the world.

Party Exit 1420 offers active entertainment. Depending on the number of buddies or colleagues, you are divided into teams. One enjoys managing the game and the other accomplishing the tasks. Believe us, if you like social games and unusual experiences, this will surely not bore you and you will experience a lot of fun together.

We will take care of your comfort

You are guaranteed a reservation. Our spaces are nowhere to be eroded or damaged and are not dependent on the weather. The game is done so that nothing happens to anyone. In addition, you do not move in traffic that is unpredictable.

Except great drinks and good meals, you have fully equipped toilets and a private bar. Sure, it’s not a tour of Prague, but it does not matter. On the contrary, you have the opportunity to get to know one of the most important moments in the history of the Czech Republic and experience what it really was in medieval Prague. What do you think, is not it better than to climb a crowd of tourists?

All this and something extra in the center of the metropolis

And if you do not find exactly what you are looking for in our offer, we are ready to meet you fully. Extend the time of entertainment, prepare tailor-made refreshments, get medieval costumes, or decorate the space for a celebration, none of the other ideas for you are a problem for us.