Bachelor parties, teambuildings and celebrations

Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy your Stag Party, celebrate your birthday or need to organize a teambuilding? Have you enjoyed a ride on Beer Bike and you want to continue? Or were you planning a Beer Bike, but did not get your date or weather is bad? Then Party Exit 1420 is your best choice ever!

The whole bar, built as a tavern, will be only yours! No one will disturb you, it will not rain on you, you will get good refreshment and great drinking. Last but not least, you will have fun with playing a brand new concept of escape game up to 24 people.

Simply book the most suitable term and choose from the options available. We can provide snacks, toast with a delicious hazel spirit or great wine.

Do you want a beautiful waitress all the time agt the bar? Just click on the booking form.

Party Exit 1420 is based on one of the most important events in Czech history – the Battle on Vítkov hill on July 14, 1420.


Did Czechs really beat Crusaders?

“Who are God's warriors”

The Battle on the Vítkov Hill, there a handful of brave Hussites, religious revoltists, have met together with a huge army of Crusaders, supported by the Pope and the ruling European factions. Nothing helped Crusaders to save their lives.

The Crusaders were invited by Zikmund Luxembourg, who prayed for the Czech crown. However, he encountered the courage and cunning of the Czechs, who overcame the big army with tactics and cleverness.